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why use a garden designer?

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Modern garden designers are trained in creative and technical aspects of garden design including historical and cultural styles, arts and crafts, plant biology and chemistry, creative and technical drawing, computer aided design, planting plans, hard landscape construction, and much more.

A garden designer offers a personal service and can transform your outdoor living space.

Instead of repeating a favoured formula, a garden designer is inspired by the client’s desires and aspirations, site characteristics such as size and orientation, client budget, and general design methods and principles.

Unusual client needs or site limitations can often drive the most inspiring designs.

Homeowners and businesses have many options today when considering a garden makeover, including Do-It-Yourself, general builders, landscape gardeners, landscape builders, and garden designers.

Consider your objectives, your budget, your abilities, and your expectations when making your decision.

Contact us to discuss your objectives should you wish advice on how to proceed.